Shirudo In Action

phenix"Your sports bra was awesome in cold weather. Life saver!"

Lindsay Phenix
Ironman Triathlete, Boston Marathon Finisher, featured on Discovery Channel's The Wheel and as Kate Beckinsale's stunt double in Underworld: Blood Wars

moyle"I feel complete support in the Shirudo Gear sports bras to train in."

Jamie Moyle
UFC strawweight, pro MMA athlete

zingano"I LOVED her sports bras! I wore them for my fight and my photo shoot. I would love some more, they were great."

"Alpha" Cat Zingano
UFC bantamweight, pro MMA athlete

penningtonBefore fights, Raquel sports her custom "Rocky" bra, and even during the most challenging moments (like getting stitches!)

Raquel "Rocky" Pennington
UFC bantamweight, pro MMA athlete

pena"Loving my Shirudo Gear "Jupiter" sports bra after tonight's workout!"

Julianna "The Venezuelan Vixen" Peña
UFC bantamweight, pro MMA athlete

lucas"As a professional athlete I've used my fair share of bras. These are the most comfortable ones I have ever worn! You don't even know you are wearing it. Not only are they super comfy, they are super cute, too!"

Amanda Lucas
Pro MMA athlete

bailey(On Jupiter) "This has to be one of the greatest sports bras I have ever worn. Awesome colors and extremely comfortable there is no comparison. The crossing back provides extra support for those more busty, and it’s amazing for fast high impact workouts."

Bailey Earl
Competitive cheerleader

christy(On Jupiter) "It is such a shocking experience to actually look good in a sports bra. AND it is environmentally responsible fabric. I have sweated all over it, and it is the most ridiculously comfortable sports bra I have ever owned. WIN. [This] goes out to my tree-hugger-ish friends who will appreciate being able to buy a comfortable sports bra made out of RECYCLED fabrics!" -Christy King

desirae(On Jupiter) "Very comfortable and my favorite part is that when it's time to come off it's easy on the shoulders unlike other tight uncomfortable sports bras. Which is great after a hard training week and tight shoulders!"

Desirae Smith
CrossFit and Fit LV Coach & Trainer, and CrossFit Competitor

murray"Joining the collegiate swim team at U of Botswana! Woohoo. Land training started today - yes this is ALL sweat! Wore the black Jupiter and looooooooooved it!"

Jenna Murray
Gymnast, competitive cheer, runner and swimmer

jessi(On Jupiter) "So after working out in the bra, I'm even more in love. It didn't chafe, it was supportive without being restricting and most importantly I didn't feel like my boobs were drowning in a puddle of sweat when I was done. And it was easy to take off when I was ready to shower, not like some sports bras that you have to fight to get out of when they're sweaty. I need to buy all of them! I'm addicted now."

Jessi Magallon
Competitive soccer player

kara"I tried the Jupiter model of the Shirudo Gear bras and I LOVED it. The straps didn't cut into my sizable traps. It was very comfortable around my ribcage, even after hours of wear. I ran a bit in it and did a weightlifting session. It was wonderful. I really liked the color, too. I always buy black and gray sports bras so I was surprised that I really enjoyed wearing something different. The material is so soft and flexible and dried quickly. I didn't feel like I was sitting in a wet bra for hours. I can't wait to order another one (or five!)" -Kara Silva

norman"I lift and work out constantly. I am a gym owner and always on the move. I am IN LOVE with this sports bra!" -Amanda Norman

lapdSandra, Lily, Leila and Kristina
LAPD Women's Run Team

whitley"Love it! It hugs differently than other sports bras, it feels like I'm not wearing anything." -Whitley, Crossfit

catTop right: Dr. Cat Begovic wears "Pink Jupiter" during an 18-hour surgical procedure, without delivering stress to pressure points on her upper back, scapula and neck.

Below: Dr. Begovic wearing "Ocean" for full support while staying in shape.

Cat Begovic
Renowned Beverly Hills plastic surgeon

shelby"Thank you, Shirudo Gear! It's crazy comfortable!"

Shelby Stanton
Muuve Triathlete

marinaMarina "Rockie" Ramirez
Pro boxer

enclaveCrossfit Enclave Ladies wearing their customized Black Jupiter Sports Bras