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I don’t believe in paying high prices for training apparel that fails you. I don’t believe in apparel that are marked up to represent quality brands. I DO believe in taking the time to engineer, research and test each and every single item I have to offer, to make sure EVERY woman of ALL body types can take advantage of QUALITY training apparel that won’t fail you, and will give you seamless comfort that will make you forget you're still wearing your workout clothes.”

– Owner
Shirudo (Shield) Gear 


Formerly known as Str8 Cheer. Created for female athletes by a female athlete. After years and years of trial and error with various types and brands of sports bras, I just couldn’t find one that catered to my needs, especially with my high-intensity training in sports such as Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Crossfit, Lifting, Volleyball and outdoor extreme activities. My pro-athletic peers would complain to me about their trials and tribulations with their sports bras and I always took mental notes that perhaps someday, someone would come up with the perfect sports bra that would be ideal for women that trained in extreme sports. And by “extreme” sports, I mean “women that move” and engage in aggressive movements, AND women that sweat—a lot!


Our Story



“What sets us apart from gazillions of other Sports Bras?”

Have you ever experienced sports bras that would slide around or rise-up, flip or twist around the band because of your sweat or body type? Or, have you experienced straps getting stretched out and would slide down your shoulders or, put tons of pressure on your pressure points around your neck and traps (yay knots in your neck & shoulder blades)? What about sports bras that would give you that “smashed,” look, not supportive in the right places (the unsightly uni-boob)? And then, there are the ones that make you feel like a wet rag after you’re done working out because it doesn’t (really) wick away the moisture, giving you skin irritations. For me, the ideal sports bra would be one that feels sturdy and dependable no matter WHAT I’m doing. Something that I can wear pretty much all day and won’t chafe (scar) or cut into my skin, and allows me to breathe instead of feeling binded. After all, it is technically a “bra” and technically speaking, it should be something that should give you support and even a boost, not something that cuts off your air supply and digs into your skin leaving permanent marks that takes weeks to go away, and in some cases, never!

I have a good understanding of body types as well. So, I know that some women prefer more bra-like support, push-up style but without the discomfort of an underwire. And for the more, well-endowed athlete, they may not necessarily need the extra enhancement but they definitely don’t need the ultra smashed look either. A bra should move with you and although my sports bras may not be for everyone, I’d like to think that I tried and covered all the basis by catering to various body types and preferences. Doing fittings at various Fitness Expos, personally allowed me to have a better understanding of different body types and their needs when it comes to finding the universal sports bra. I basically compiled notes after notes, bought every sports bra out there imaginable, tested them, cut them up to examine the material blend(s), the linings, and got a ton of feedback from my athlete and even non-competitive friends. All my bras are athlete tested and even competition approved. It helps to have a ton of available awesome athletic women as friends.

Meeting women with various medical diagnoses was something of an eye-opener for me. I had several women send me messages, "thanking" me for creating something that helped them through their tough medical journey(s), namely, Breast Cancer. I met so many incredible women that have battled or are battling different stages of Breast Cancer, and through them my "Pink Jupiter" became my ultimate "Pink Sister" sports bra to help support women diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Serious #girlpower here! I realized the need for something supportive yet, breathable for women undergoing Post-Op from a Lumpectomy or Mastectomy. Check out Nicole's story on our Home Page. After finding out that so many women were not able to afford "Reconstruction" after a Bilateral/Double Mastectomy, I began focusing on my next Prototype for Pink Jupiter, which is a "padded" line that would help make these incredible women feel "whole" again. I have my own journey now, as I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer and am going through my own battle. So, you can say, the need to make us "Pink Sister's" feel empowered again, has become my sole mission. 



Let’s be real. Good, quality training apparel isn’t necessarily cheap, especially if you want to represent the famous marks and logos. I used to be that so-called “starving (college) student,” and I remember all too well when it was a struggle to afford more than one sports bra. I wanted to create my sports bras with the best, quality materials yet, make it justifiable for young girls to tell their parents if it’s okay to purchase one than one. So, when I say, “affordable,” I mean, make it comparable to some of the brands that don’t cater to “boutique” or “big brand” prices, but where the quality surpasses all the top quality brands the market has to offer.  



So, the end result--I got my prototypes, which took me just under two years. YES!!! Not just one, but four different cuts to cater to various body types based on a woman’s anatomy, and how they move or engage in movements. Yes--there’s an actual science behind all of this. Some of my minor notes may have been missed but everything is always a learning process to continue improving and perfecting, which I plan on continuing to do. With that said, I ended up with several trials with the prototypes, always ending up back to the drawing room to re-configure, alter, and perfect them to become that “ideal” sports bra. What did we end up with? Sports bras that are ultra kind to the skin thanks to the smooth, soft material blends; seamless; forgiving in terms of pressure; waterproof (yes, you can swim in them) and absolutely breathable that became athlete tested and even competition approved by the athletes who competed in them. The bras worked!! I got great feedback from my peers and I was thoroughly satisfied with the outcome during my trials with them. There is nothing more exhilarating then, to hear your competitive and non-competitive peers give you a slew of positive feedback with something that began during a gripe session amongst athletes. Several pieces of scraps of paper later--voila--sturdy sports bras that cater to women! “Women that MOVE.”