• $36.99

Our fun luminescent, multi-colored cheetah print puts new meaning to "over the rainbow.” This is by far, one of the more popular styles and print. Its subtle shimmer of colors makes this a unique sports bra. It’s not only super cute on, but it’s perfect for those engaging in rigorous activities. Rainbow gives great support, front and back without the pressure thanks to our special “Criss Cross” design, which takes discomfort away from those sensitive areas. As with all of our bras, you’ll find thick lining and durability, weighted band to prevent any flipping, twisting, or riding up. Our version of a “Demi-cut” and push-up capability without the discomfort of an underwire. If you’re concerned about the lighter color being an issue with “see through”—not a problem here. Rainbow is triple lined, as with all our Sports Bras. Always moisture-wicking, seamless and has zero smash.


Care Instructions:
Hand Wash ONLY.
To prolong the life of the product, wash in Cold Water and prevent any RUBBING.
Air Dry or Lay Flat to Dry ONLY. No Tumble Dry.